Your Responsibilities As Our Patient

FOLLOW CLINICA RULES - Behave respectfully toward Clinica Family Health staff as well as other patients. Please assist with the control of noise and observe the no smoking policy and all other posted building regulations.

INFORM REGARDING YOUR HEALTH - Please give full and honest information regarding your past and present health information, including any known allergies and/or sensitivities.

MEDICATION SAFETY - Please keep and share information on all medications you take, including those from other health care providers, over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements. If you currently take medications, please bring all your medications to each appointment. Many health care mistakes are made because patients don't tell their health care provider about all the medications they take.

REPORT CHANGES - Report any changes in your condition, symptoms, and allergies to your provider.

REPORT EMERGENCIES - Should you receive emergency care from another health care provider, emergency room, or urgent care center, please contact Clinica during normal business hours as soon as possible to share this information.

PARTICIPATE IN YOUR OWN HEALTH CARE - If you do not understand your provider's instructions or have any questions, please ask your provider to explain more clearly or ask that someone else assist in explaining the instructions to you.

REPORT SAFETY CONCERNS - We encourage you to help us by reporting any concerns you have about your or your family's safety at Clinica. Report concerns to a staff member, write them on a Patient Experience card, or ask to speak to a manager.

FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS - Follow the instructions and health care plan that you and your provider have agreed on. Failure to do so may worsen your condition.

MANAGE YOUR TRANSPORTATION NEEDS - If indicated by your provider, make arrangements for a responsible adult to provide transportation home from the clinic and to remain with you as directed.

BE ON TIME - Arrive on time for your appointment.

CANCEL APPOINTMENTS - If you are not able to keep a scheduled appointment, you are required to cancel that appointment prior to the scheduled appointment time. We ask that you cancel with as much advanced notice prior as possible.

SHOW INSURANCE CARD - Show your insurance card, including your Health First Colorado (Medicaid) card, at each visit.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION - Please provide all necessary records as requested.

FINANCIAL SCREENING - Complete the financial screening process by bringing all insurance, income, and other requested information to the enrollment staff within 30 days of your first visit or when your insurance expires. You may be excluded from seeking care at Clinica Family Health if you do not meet with an enrollment staff member to determine program eligibility or self-pay designation.

PAY BILLS - Accept personal financial responsibility for any charges not covered by insurance. Your fees will be adjusted so that they are affordable for you. Please pay all co-pays and bills promptly.

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