Pricing for the 15 most common services we provide

Colorado Law requires us to post the full-fee price for the 15 most common services we provide.

NOTE: These are not necessarily the actual prices you will end up paying.*

The prices listed below are an estimate of what you might pay if:

  • You do not have insurance (including Medicaid and Medicare);
  • The service isn't covered by your insurance; or
  • You are not enrolled in Clinica's Discount Program or other program offered at Clinica Family Health.

Most people who receive the services noted below at Clinica do not pay the prices listed.

*Our Enrollment Specialists offer free financial screening for our patients to help determine which payment programs they qualify for, and what they would pay for these services if they are on one of our discount programs.

New Patient Enrollment Appointment

Call our Enrollment Specialists at 303-650-4460, Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm.

Pricing Transparency

15 Most Common Services at Clinica

CPT Full Fee Service Description
99214 $228.77 Office/Outpatient Visit, Estabilish, Detailed
99213 $157.85 Office/Outpatient Visit, Estabilsih, Moderate
81002 $26.84 Urinalysis, Non-automated, w/o Scope
D1206 $1.00 Topical Application of Fluoride Varnish
D1351 $50.00 Sealant - Per Tooth
90688 $47.10 Flu Vacc 4 Val 0.5 mL Dosage IM
83036 $77.97 Hemoglobin A1C
D0190 $15.91 Screening of a Patient
81025 $39.67 Urine Pregnancy Test
82962 $25.60 Glucose Blood Test
99393 $210.63 Preventive Checkup, est, 5-11 yrs
D0120 $40.00 Periodic Oral Evaluation - Estabilish Patient
85018 $21.04 Blood Count, Hemoglobin
90715 $104.17 TDAP 7 Years and Older
99392 $211.34 Preventive Checkup, est, 1-4 yrs