Volunteering at Clinica

Clinica is a community health center in the truest sense. Our patients come from within our community, most of our staff live within our community, and our strength and support come from residents of the community. Volunteers are a tremendous asset to Clinica because they:

  • Let us stretch our budget and resources further.
  • Provide services that we wouldn't otherwise be able to provide.
  • Allow a larger number of people in our service area to be involved in Clinica's work.

There are a couple of ways that you can help support Clinica's mission of providing care to the low-income and uninsured, and one of them is by volunteering your time and talent to our organization. In general, we prefer our volunteers to be at least 25 years old. If they are younger, they need to work in a clinic out of the area where they live. All volunteers go through basic safety training. Also, if volunteers will be in contact with patients, we require that they have a PPD test completed (to check for tuberculosis).

Depending on their skill set, volunteers can help with a few activities. Some specialist physicians volunteer their time to perform retinal or podiatry exam on our diabetic patients. Occasionally, volunteers work on specific projects.

For more information on volunteering, please send your name, a little bit about yourself andthe type of volunteer opportunity you are interested in to volunteer@clinica.org and we will contact you. Below is more detailed information about several of the volunteer opportunities currently available at Clinica.

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